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Plant Believe It

Est. 2020 

Vegan Wholesale / Bulk

A Cut Above the Rest

The creative possibilities are endless with Plant Believe It™ proteins.  Our vegan wholesale “chicken” and “steak” proteins have an incredible neutral flavor profile. You can truly prepare them to the flavor profile of your choice.  The texture of our proteins is unmatched.  Fried, sautéed, stewed, baked, broiled, grilled, oh my!  Marinate and season to your customer’s desires for a unique high-quality cut of meatless protein.  So, say “goodbye” to the days of offering only ground meatless dishes and burgers on your menu.  Any boneless protein is now an option with Plant Believe It™ plant based proteins.  Unlike most plant based proteins on the market, this is absolutely a product you can make your own. We’re sure it will keep your customers requesting it again and again.  The proteins come fully cooked and ready for your signature flavor combinations.

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich
    Fried Chicken Sandwich - Dished Palate / Zen Foods Atlanta

100% meat free

vegan wholesale

Meat free proteins with simple ingredients. Texture beyond belief.

Variety At Its Finest

We sell vegan wholesale to restaurants and chefs, who create truly amazing dishes with our proteins.  From plant-based pastrami to philly’s to fried chick’n and more!



Preservative & Soy Free

Steak / Beef

Our “steak” plant based protein is made from black beans, chickpeas, and wheat protein.  This  gives it a darker color and mimics the texture and color of cooked beef. 

Poultry / Pork

Our “chicken” protein is made from chickpeas and wheat protein.  It can easily mimic poultry or even pork by adding beet juice or a similar ingredient to give more of a pink/red color.

Simple Ingredients.  Beans, Water, Wheat Protein.  That’s it.

The Owner

After 15 years in IT, it was time for a change. Time to support people with their plant based journey.  Plant Believe It™ is my new vision and mission.

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